When will the BBQ Buddy be available?

As of Fall 2023 pre-ordered BBQ Buddies will begin shipping. If you have submitted a pre-order stay tuned for updates on your delivery via email.  Don’t turn off the BBQ yet!  


Does the BBQ Buddy need to be seasoned?

The BBQ Buddy does not need to be ‘seasoned’ like cast iron.  Before first use, place Buddy directly on grill for 30 minutes to remove any contaminants from the manufacturing process.


Where should I keep the Buddy when not in use?

The BBQ Buddy is rustproof and weatherproof so it can remain outside or on your grill when you are not using it.  Like any other grill-related tool, it may accumulate charred bits of food or sauce which is fine, but we recommend that you clean your BBQ Buddy every few uses. This will also be largely dependant on what you are cooking.  No one likes a greasy Buddy!


I still don’t understand what the BBQ Buddy is supposed to do?

 The BBQ Buddy is simple and easy to use.  Lean your favorite grillables on the side of the Buddy to achieve the perfect sear on all edges.  No more undercooked flabby fat cap on your steak.



You can also use the Buddy to smash, sear or press using tongs as desired.




I’m a vegetarian. Do I still need the BBQ Buddy?

BBQ Buddy isn’t just for meat lovers. Get the perfect sear on your perfect veggy grillables – think portobello mushrooms, roasted peppers, zucchini or anything that you want to cook on the grill.  You will no doubt find many other uses for the BBQ Buddy when using it.


How do I clean the BBQ Buddy?

The BBQ Buddy is 100% dishwasher safe and can also be scrubbed in warm water with a plastic brush. Do not use any metal bristled brushes to clean your BBQ Buddy as this will damage the finish.  If there are stubborn stains, you can use a Scotch Brite pad to remove them and restore the original finish.


Is the BBQ Buddy food safe? I have heard that aluminum is not ideal for cooking.

The BBQ Buddy is made of 6061 aluminum which has been approved by the NSF (National Foundation for Sanitation).


Where can I use the BBQ Buddy?

 The BBQ Buddy was designed to be used on most types BBQs, grills, smokers, open fires and similar heat sources.  


Can I use the BBQ Buddy with wood, natural gas, propane or charcoal?

 Yes! The BBQ Buddy was designed to be used with all common heating methods.


How do I move the BBQ Buddy around?

When the BBQ Buddy is in use on a grill and hot, you can easily use any BBQ tongs placed in the center of the notch of the Buddy to lift and maneuver the Buddy to your liking.  


Can I put the BBQ Buddy in the oven?

 Yes you can!  6061 Aluminum can be heated to over 1200 degrees F and 650 degrees C without issue.   It is not recommended for prolonged use in temperatures over 1000 degrees F and 550 degrees C.


How long will the BBQ Buddy last?

The BBQ Buddy was designed for lifetime use and can be passed down for generations of grill enthusiasts.


Where is the BBQ Buddy made?

All BBQ Buddys are made in North America with manufacturing facilities right here Lake Wales, Florida, and Toronto, Canada.


Is the BBQ Buddy child-friendly?

Anyone who likes to grill can use the Buddy. Just remember that it’s like any other item in the kitchen and can be hot so should not be touched while in use or while cooling. Stay safe! 


How big is the BBQ Buddy?

The BBQ Buddy is 3” inches in width and depth and 3.39” high, a bit bigger than a baseball.


Is the BBQ Buddy design patented?

Yes! The design is patent pending and the name BBQ Buddy is trademarked.


Where can I buy the BBQ Buddy?

You can purchase the BBQ Buddy directly from our website Shipping is available across North America. 


I have a question that isn’t covered in the FAQ. Who do I talk to?

We would love to hear from you! Please use the contact form here and we’ll be in touch right away.


What kind of meats can I grill with the Buddy?

Great question! It’s best for steaks, chops, sausages or any other cuts of meat. Also spot sear chicken, burgers and larger cuts of meat in hard-to-grill areas.  The BBQ Buddy is also great for fish! Get all angles including the head and belly of your favorite whole fish.


What’s this talk about Spot Searing and how do I do it?

With your HOT Buddy, use the tongs to pick up and apply direct and even pressure on any part of the meat you are grilling to create the ultimate crust and lock in the juices.  Get an even char in the hardest to reach spots. That’s spot searing!  


Is the BBQ Buddy Microwave safe?

No, the BBQ BUDDY is NOT microwave safe, as it’s made of aluminum and like any other metal should not be placed in a microwave.


How do I get a T-Shirt?

Easy! Visit the apparel section of our online store to place an order. 

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